(approximately 650yds within parish boundary)

Cross the footbridge from Back lane (700 yds. north-west of the village of Kettlebaston), turn left and (passing through some gates and the hedgeline) skirt around the field's perimeter. Traverse the bridge crossing the deep ditch, and continue north-east across the field towards the distant copse (in the parish of Brettenham).*

* Please note the following, paraphrased from a public 'feedback' email in November 2008 - for which, many thanks:

The Rights of Way Office stated "it is not deemed practical to waymark the cross field route in large fields. We have written to the occupier to wheel mark a route from the paddock at the south end and the concrete standing by Castle Hill at the northern end and this has been undertaken notwithstanding the route indicated is not strictly on the definitive line."

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