Performing the greatest songs from right across the Alphabet of Rock - anthem after anthem, riff after riff, power chord after power chord, ‘The Classic Rock Show’ brings original recordings back to life on stage.

The world class band powers through Classic Rock’s finest moments, from AC/DC and Aerosmith to Eric Clapton, The Eagles, ELO, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Meatloaf and Queen to The Who, Zeppelin, ZZ Top and everything in between. They perform with note-for-note precision that truly brings the original iconic and era defining recordings back to life on stage during a through two and a half hour musical journey of foot-stomping fun, with a huge sound and light show to match - plus much, much more; a sore throat guaranteed!

Established / first performance in 2010? Hoping to get a band history and future aims from one of the founders!

Interview with James Cole in 2021 re beginnings: James Cole interview, 22nd December 2021 by Geoff Dorsett | Mixcloud

The following pages contain all the information I’ve been able to gather from numerous other sources - processed and repackaged to form the most comprehensive guide to The Classic Rock Show I could compile. Originally conceived as a simple text document, it soon became obvious that so much more would be gained by adding interactivity, enabling rapid navigation between different elements that would otherwise have proved totally impossible.

I hope you enjoy browsing, and maybe learning a little more about this fabulous band!

Three invaluable exterior links that you will undoubtedly find useful:

The official Classic Rock Show website
The Classic Rock Show page on Youtube
‘For The Love of The Classic Rock Show’ on Facebook (exceedingly friendly private supporters group)!

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