Kettlebaston Hedgerow Survey Commences

Having completed their training at Lackford Lakes near Bury St Edmunds with ease on 10th May 2008, the Kettlebaston surveying team commenced their project on the 18th June with an evening walk down Back Lane. The group currently consists of Dave Francis, Andrew Gourlay and Sue Marszal, led and overseen by project coordinator Alan Guilford.

The project's aim is to quantify and record the diversity of 'woody' hedgerow species in the Parish, and is likely to take at least two years. Concerned residents will doubtless be relieved to hear that garden boundaries are not incuded in the study, and that the data is not collected in order to criticise or police hedgerow maintenance regimes.

If anyone else is interested in joining the project please contact Alan at Chestnut Cottage. The work is not taxing, and the group takes a friendly and relaxed approach to the task in hand (in other words, it's a nice stroll around our countryside - clipboard in hand)!

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