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The aim of this site is to provide information on virtually every aspect of life within of our tiny Suffolk village - largely based upon the reference date of 1st January 2000 - plus details of its glorious past. In addition to the numerous galleries (containing over 130 photographs, a brief "potted history" can be found within The Village page and a comprehensive Church guide within The Church's section.

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We hope that you enjoy your visit.

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Please note that the content of this site has been modified to protect the anonymity, privacy, and security of the residents. The "Todays Village" section aims to give a general impression of the village in the year 2000 and does not attempt to cover every property, (as did the original project). If you have a particular interest in an individual dwelling please contact us, and, (with the permission of the current owner), we will endevour to provide a copy of the relevant photograph(s)

Although based upon 01/01/2000, the photographs throughout this site were taken between May 2000 and September 2001.

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