Project Overview

2017portraitI conceived the idea for The Kettlebaston Millennium Project the night before 'beating the bounds' in the year 2000. Originally my aim was to gather together all the historical material that was available on the village (photographs, maps and so forth) and centralise everything on CDR for both posterity and as a resource for local historians. This process is ongoing and the site will be updated periodically. However, when I spoke to my friend and neighbour Frank Gladden about the concept the next day, the project evolved to encompass a second goal - to record a photographic 'snapshot' of the village as it entered the new millennium. This would ultimately be bound into an album and evolved into a major project in its own right, (mostly organised and produced by Frank). The pictures were taken jointly throughout the rest of the year.

This site is a spinoff from the main aims - having amassed so much information it seemed a shame not to make it available to as many people as possible! So whatever your interest in our village may be (historical, genealogical, sociological, or whatever) please enjoy browsing our site and learning a little more about Kettlebaston, ("the Village Without a Future").

Andrew N. Gourlay, October 2001.


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