Documents currently available:

The Shooting of Father Butler at Kettlebaston Rectory in 1963

Kettlebaston Man, John Brastead, Drowned by Gin in 1744

The Village Water Supply - Kettlebaston's Well Locations

The Kettlebaston Alabasters by M R Taylor BA - an academic description (pdf)

Kettlebaston's entry in the "Domesday Book".

An article from the Chronicle and Mercury of 1949 regarding the increasing dilapidation of the village.

An article from the East Anglian Magazine c.1950 entitled "Village Without a Future".

1842 Tithe Map overlaid over 1949 Definitive Footpath Map (showing field names and how boundaries have changed over 100 years)

A map dating from 1976 by "Ted" Wetherall, (the Priest-in-charge at the time), showing the Glebe and charity lands.

A map of the village dating from 1891.

An article entitled "The Story Behind The Sign" by S. P. Andrews.

A light hearted poem entitled "Kettlebaston, 1422 -1937"

The 447th Bomb Group's fatal accident over Kettlebaston in1944

The 2001Churchyard and Church Field Flora Surveys, by R. F. Hartley ('et al')

1988 - Commemorating the old village school's 150th anniversary

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