In addition to The Classic Rock Show, CMP Entertainment promote three similar bands who specialise in the music of Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac, namely:

Brit Floyd
Live on Mars
Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

There is a regular sharing and interchange of talent between the bands, and many familiar names and faces will be spotted by the more eagle-eyed visitor to these pages!

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Other bands associated with members (and ex-members) of TCRS:

ABCD (Howie G)
Acoustic Unlimited (Damian Darlington)
Blaze (Wayne Banks)
Boot Led Zeppelin (Jesse Smith)
Brazen Abbot (Wayne Banks)
Celebrating Billy Joel (Alex Dee)
Dio Rising (Wayne Banks / Howie G / Carl Sentance)
Gutterdämmerung (Jesse Smith)
Holy Mother (Wayne Banks)
Kaleidoscope Orchestra (Alex Dee)
Lawless (Howie G)
Legacy Show Band (Jesse Smith)
Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash (Tim Brown)
Messiah's Kiss (Wayne Banks)
Mr Zsolt (often fronted by Rudy Cardenas)
Nazareth (Carl Sentance)
Persian Risk (Wayne Banks / Howie G / Carl Sentance)
Private Jet   (Jesse Smith)
Rising FiVe with Mike Tirelli (Wayne Banks)
Romances (Jesse Smith)
Royal Hunt (John West)
The Backbeat Drivers (Tim Brown)
" target="_blank"The Deccan Traps (Ricardo Afonso
The Nephews Of Mayhem (Wayne & JIB Banks / Tim Brown)
The Primeval Leviathan Of Truth (The P.L.O.T.) (Howie G) (2008 review)
The Robin Gibb Band (Wayne Banks).....
The Quotes (Jesse Smith)

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